Thelma A Costello LMHC
September 25, 2017

"Thelma has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of opportunities ALL of our lives has to give. However only our actions can lead us to healthy choices, like whom and what you surround yourself . Thelma is serious about helping anyone who walks through her door, and I'd imagine that anyone who's not open to change will probably not succeed. The reason we all have to go to counseling is to improve; our lives, relationships, roles in employment, etc...

I've been with Thelma for a while now, and the most important thing learned has been self-actualization, or being all you can be in all facets of life, as I strive to be. I used to see Thelma once a week in the beginning stages, but now I see her once a month or two to stay on track. Because of her help I have a genuine smile on my face(most the time:-)... She's super-friendly and easy to talk to about ANYTHING. I'd recommend Thelma Costello in a heart-beat to anyone seeking counseling for any wide array of reasons!"

125 Wolf Road Suite 503-4, 5th Floor
Albany, New York 12205 Counselors

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